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Join us! Because humans are herd animals too.

About Us

Hey, I'm Bex.  Like you, I'm a lifelong animal lover.  I'm also a total nerd about training and behaviour, with 20 years of experience in positive reinforcement training and all things related to ethically inspiring behaviour change in other species.  As a certified trainer (KPA-CTP) specialising in equines, I am dedicated to promoting principles of compassion, clarity and consent between animals and humans.  I live with my family on our small farm in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

In my day-to-day business my principal work is with horses and their humans, where I teach the human end of the leadrope how to inspire behaviour change and build dialogue with their horses.  I also work with a lot of families with dogs, and my team of trained sheep, horses, chickens, pigs and dogs.

My clients range in age from 8 to 78. I have a deep passion for youth work and teaching young people how to "speak to the animals" through positive reinforcement.  I have a well-established youth programme locally (in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand), as well as online virtual programmes for youth. At Positively Together we believe that by teaching kids kind and respectful ways to train animals, we also teach crucial life skills such as body autonomy and consent, compassion, resilience and perseverence.

Why You Should Join Us

...because we're better together!  

This network is the landing stage for the Positively Together members' clubhouses and virtual classrooms.  Click on 'Join us', come on in and take a look around! We have two main community clubhouses - one for horse-loving adults, and one for coaches involved in teaching kids and animals.  Clubhouses include live events, courses or other educational information, and a fun and supportive community. 

Positively Us 

A horse-centered, heart-centered community for adults. An exclusive, private, distraction-free community for those who wish to dive deep into building dialogue and relationship with their horses, making friends and having fun while we do it. We're all about creating REAL connections with each other, inspiring behaviour change and seeking mutual enjoyment and cooperation with our horses through reward-based training.